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How It Works 

You can start your journal at anytime throughout the year, I've included title pages for each month that are customisable, so all you need to do is write down the month you're in and maybe add some colour, if you're feeling fancy.

I've made each of the trackers fun and relaxing to use, all you'll need is something to write with, colouring pencils and a quiet spot.

I like to be diligent, so there's a tracker for everything you need; Health, exercise, food, mood, mindfulness, hormones, sleep and products. Each tracker is laid out differently, but the simple instructions will help you clearly understand how to use them.

At the end of each month, you'll find a check-in page. This is my favourite part! You're able to look back at the month to pinpoint patterns and triggers. As the months go by, these will become clearer and clearer! Once you've looked back, you can look forward and create a plan of action. 

Everyone is different, so your plan will be personal to you. Before you know it, you'll be your very own skin expert!

By now I'm sure you're keen to get going, so just a last little thing from me, consistency is key! You'll be surprised about how much you can learn in a really short time if you use this every day. 



Oh and



they make everything better!

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