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Sarah's Story

I’m also on this journey, acne is something I’ve dealt with for as long as I can remember. Only now thanks to journalling can I finally say, I LOVE MY SKIN.


I created this journal originally for myself, to help track and understand my skin better. It’s honestly become such a valuable tool, not only for my skin but my health too! So I wanted to share it with you... 


I don’t know about you, but I got fed up with always stressing about how to heal my skin. I hope by observing your skin, body, health and lifestyle, you’re able to find answers and ultimately feel empowered and free! I want to take out the guesswork when it comes to clear skin, so you can devise your own lifestyle and routines to really support your skin and health. 


This journal will be your ultimate self-love tool, so take some time each day to sit down and really get to know yourself, you deserve it! 


All my love, 





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